Watch The Conjuring Online Then there’s the guy who rocks up to Ray and Abby simply to insult them only to offer a terrified apology later on after seeing Ray’s light wounds. That was it. There was no reason given for his change of heart, and certainly none from Ray who barely managed a murmur. Again. He’s just as silent when ‘dealing’ with his son’s assault on Stu’s horrible kid, a minor thread that simply disappeared as soon as it was convenient.

Watch The Conjuring {2013} Online This is the difficulty. It’s all conflict. The resolution is neither earned nor deserved. When it does appear it is temporary and arbitrary, like last episode’s reconciliation between Ray and Abby. Drama doesn’t work without conflict, but it fails when that’s all it provides. It can do it properly when it wants to, just look at the unforced and natural portrayal of the warming relationship between Bunchy and Daryll.

Watch The Conjuring {2013} Online Bunchy’s storyline benefits from being far away from the poisonous rich. His dinner with Frances went as well as could be expected, given that he’s seemingly unable to communicate with her, or indeed anyone, on a human level, thanks to Potato Pie, who stepped in to rescue first the dinner, then the conversation. Bunchy benefits from a subtlety that is in short supply on the show, but he is still surrounded by questions of motivation. Frances likes him and he likes her, we know this because both Ray and Potato Pie have helpfully told the audience explicitly, but why? He is abrasive, cold and apparently unfeeling. If she can see something in him, it would be good to know what that is.


Watch The Conjuring {2013} Online Later on, with the reappearance of Van Miller, a character who is genuinely quirky and interesting, the action starts up again and the plot is energised. Mickey is informing on people, and the agent wants him to shop Ray too. Meanwhile, Ray is still using Avi to maintain surveillance on Mickey. There’s an actual storyline here, it’s just a shame that, like last week, it took almost the entire episode to get to it. We spent too long hanging around the Academy hearing Ray and Conor absorb the insults of Feldman and co. It dragged on so much that even the lead actor couldn’t bear to sit through them in their entirety and made an odd detour to clear a hotel room of bugs for no given reason.

Watch The Conjuring {2013} Online It feels as though Ray Donovan was conceived as a two hour movie about an ex-con informing on his own son, but somehow managed to get thirteen hours to fill. Consequently, there’s about ten or fifteen minutes of actual drama padded out with forty-five of filler, during which we learn very little about the characters or their world that wasn’t established in the opening episode. It feels like a wasted opportunity for which no amount of antiheroes can compensate.